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Get a Squatchboxx for your Next Adventure

Posted on January 16, 2019 at 9:30 PM

You’re planning the next fishing, camping, overlanding, [fill in the blank] trip and you’ve put it off long enough: It’s finally time to buy a high-performance, bomb-proof cooler.

But which one do you choose? You go through the list of must-have features:

  • Quality performance (i.e., it keeps your beer cold!),
  • Super durable (we all know “gentle” isn’t really an option in the outdoors)
  • Size Options (whether taking a solo weekend trip or loading up the whole crew for a week, you need options)
  • Warranty (you’re spending the money, the company better back up the product)

Next? You go through the ever-growing list of potentials: Bison, Engle Grizzly, Orca, Pelican, Yeti, Yukon…overwhelmed yet?

Well, not to worry, because we have your back. We’re over a year into using and abusing a top notch cooler from California-based SQUATCHBOXX.

Squatchboxx is coolers, tumblers, innovative mug handles, insulated can koozies, growlers, and more! For this review, I’m highlighting the Roadtripper 16 (

What I love about the Squatchboxx:

Keeps food/drink COLDER, LONGER!: I have used a lot of different coolers in my day, but I have never had ice last as long as it did in this one! I am seriously impressed. After a weekend trip, we left the cooler with a few beers, jars of condiments, and a half bag of ice in the trunk of our vehicle for 4 days in outdoor temperatures between 40-60 degrees and everything stayed cold. The dense, high R-value polyurethane insulation and double-walled poly shell are what make the magic happen for this cooler.

Great size (internal AND external): The Squatchboxx fit perfectly everywhere I needed it, including the back of the Jeep (Wrangler and Cherokee Trailhawk), in the fishing rig (Aire Super Puma 13’;), and on the deck (ok, that’s an easy one). Internally, we were able to fit what we needed for up to 3 days - plenty of beverages (beer, kombucha, milk, juice…you name it), breakfast/lunch/dinner fixin’s for in camp (eggs, meats, veggies, etc.), and plenty of other odds n’ ends.

Clean construction/nice features: No silliness here, just simple lines. My favorite features include: 

  • You can keep it secured and still grab a snack. The Squatchboxx gives you the ability to strap this thing down and still have access to the contents! That’s right, you can use tie-downs to keep it secure in the truck, boat, roof rack, etc., and still have the ability to grab what you need thanks to the rubber locker latches.
  • You can rest your beer or jar of pickles on the lid. The Squatchboxx has a great cup/bottle/can holder feature on the lid so you and three of your buddies can set their item down in a secure location.

Amazing Warranties: Squatchboxx stands by their products with some impressive warranties. If you're not happy, just call them and they'll make it right.

Price: The Roadtripper is a $300+ investment to keep your food and beverages cold. Now, I know what you’re thinking as you roll your eyes (i.e., “You call that a good deal?!”.. Sure, you can go to the nearest Big Box store and pick up a similar sized Igloo or Coleman for a quarter of that price, but if you look at coolers in the same line-up and quality category (I’m talking those companies mentioned above, e.g., Yeti, Orca, Bison), expect to spend a lot more. So, ya, it’s a killer deal.

The Verdict.

Reasonably priced (as in, half the price of their competitors), amazing quality, and great customer service. If you’re in the market for a rugged, keep-it-cold-longer-than-you-ever-expected cooler, Squatchboxx is the answer. We also love their latest addition, the Party Bucket (! And if you're looking for something smaller, shoot for the Lunchboxx (; and larger, Cross Country 21 (

Check them out today at, and if you decide to pick one up, use RYOUTSIDE2018 at checkout for 10% off.

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