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New Year, New You: Gear to Kick off 2019

Posted on January 18, 2019 at 2:45 PM

1. Ditch disposables with Hydro Flask.

It’s a new year and disposables are out. Invest in reusable coffee and water vessels. To get your coffee fix, check out the Hydro Flask 12 oz. Coffee Mug. It’s cozy in hand, will keep your coffee the perfect temperature for hours and won’t fill up the landfill.

Once you get your caffeine fix, grab a 40oz Wide Mouth Insulated Bottle with Straw Lid to get all the water you need all day. Plus, these reusables help reduce your plastics use. Have you ever been on a fishing trip but found more bottle tops and empty plastic bottles than fish? Feel good about refilling these bottles instead of cracking open another plastic disposable bottle.

Get yours:

2. Track your moves with Suunto.

Have you ever wondered just how many steps or miles you walk in a given week? Or maybe how much elevation gains and losses you have throughout the month? Get the data to reach your new year health goals with the Suunto 3 Fitness.

This smartwatch has 24/7 activity tracking, including steps, calories and sleep; pairs with your smartphone for access to calls, texts, emails and other notifications; and has an awesome battery life (5 days in activity tracking mode!). Best part? Their smartphone app is super user-friendly, allowing you to monitor distance, speed, calories, heart rate, elevation, map track and more.

Get yours:

3. Indulge in your layers with Smartwool.

The Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer will keep you cozy! This baselayer line features the softest wool so you can focus on the task at hand rather than how itchy and uncomfortable you are while trying to stay warm.

Get yours:

4. Get down with your bad (or good) self with Big Agnes.

Whether you’re spending some time on the lake ice fishing or are lucky enough to still have some open water, bring the Big Agnes Tiago Sweater along for the ride. This down sweater is super light while still being wonderfully warm. Our favorite feature is the thumb holes - these are perfect for securing the sweater and eliminating any draft between your arm, wrist and glove. Oh ya, and when we put it on, it was hard not to want to do a little dance to celebrate the cozy factor!

Get yours:

5. Treat your feet with Darn Tough.

Ever hear the old adage “cotton kills”? Your feet sweat. Sweat makes you cold. Cotton stays saturated with this moisture, longer, thus, sucking the warmth from your body and putting you at risk of hypothermia. Wool, on the other hand, helps wick moisture away from your skin while still keeping you warm (even when wet). Look, you just got some education from a gear review! Go figure...Anyway, ditch those funky cotton socks and check out Darn Tough this year so you can be prepared in every season. These made-in-America (Vermont, to be precise) socks will change your life. Your feet will thank you.

Get yours:

6. Get comfortable with Giesswein.

It’s time to upgrade your slipper game. The Giesswein Veitsch “Lodge Shoe” is a great option for when you need a slipper around the house, but a shoe to let the dog out. It’s also the perfect slide-on footwear to wear en route to the water, especially when you plan to throw waders on when you get there, but need to run in the fly shop on the way. Whatever you decide, this indoor/outdoor slipper/shoe will help make it happen!

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7. Feel good about looking good with Toad & Co.

Kick off the new year by updating the wardrobe with some of these great styles from Toad & Co.! The Cashmoore Vest goes with everything. Seriously. Everything! Throw a thermal top under it for a day on the water and look good for some drinks with friends at the local watering hole when you’re done landing fish! Their Quarter Zip Shirt is for the flannel lover looking for a great fitting pullover. And, the Timehop Tight is where performance meets style. Fishing gals of the world: These will not disappoint! They’re cozy, look fantastic and even feature some hidden drop pockets to carry essentials.

Get yours:

8. Explore the trail and the town scene with Forsake.

When you walk into the cafe after a good hike in the hills and a complete stranger stops to say “wow, I really like your shoes!”, you know you did something right that day. This time of year, the river is frozen, and unless you want to go ice fishing, you better find another activity to keep you outside. Cue local hikes to keep us from going stir crazy. Forsake’s Range High boot gives you the traction and comfort you need on the trail while looking oh so good in town. These boots are waterproof, stable and even look good dressed up with leggings and a skirt - everything you want when it comes to pairing an active lifestyle and looking your best!

Get yours:

9. Keep the snuggle real with Rumpl.

Rumpl has done it again. When you think comfort, only one blanket should come to mind: Rumpl Puffy Sherpa Blanket. Equally equipped for snuggling under while in the fishing cabin and during long rides to the lake. Snuggle up inside while the fish aren’t biting - or bring it with you on the water while you wait for the next “fish on” moment.

Get yours:

10. Stay protected and connected with Lifeproof.

Your smartphone is so many things. Camera. Calendar. Lifeline. It captures moments, it schedules meetings, it keeps you connected. When you’re on (and off) the water, you want to make sure it’s functioning when you need it most. The Lifeproof FRE series is waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, and drop-proof. Keep your most versatile and important accessory covered and ready for action.

Get yours:

Get a Squatchboxx for your Next Adventure

Posted on January 16, 2019 at 9:30 PM

You’re planning the next fishing, camping, overlanding, [fill in the blank] trip and you’ve put it off long enough: It’s finally time to buy a high-performance, bomb-proof cooler.

But which one do you choose? You go through the list of must-have features:

  • Quality performance (i.e., it keeps your beer cold!),
  • Super durable (we all know “gentle” isn’t really an option in the outdoors)
  • Size Options (whether taking a solo weekend trip or loading up the whole crew for a week, you need options)
  • Warranty (you’re spending the money, the company better back up the product)

Next? You go through the ever-growing list of potentials: Bison, Engle Grizzly, Orca, Pelican, Yeti, Yukon…overwhelmed yet?

Well, not to worry, because we have your back. We’re over a year into using and abusing a top notch cooler from California-based SQUATCHBOXX.

Squatchboxx is coolers, tumblers, innovative mug handles, insulated can koozies, growlers, and more! For this review, I’m highlighting the Roadtripper 16 (

What I love about the Squatchboxx:

Keeps food/drink COLDER, LONGER!: I have used a lot of different coolers in my day, but I have never had ice last as long as it did in this one! I am seriously impressed. After a weekend trip, we left the cooler with a few beers, jars of condiments, and a half bag of ice in the trunk of our vehicle for 4 days in outdoor temperatures between 40-60 degrees and everything stayed cold. The dense, high R-value polyurethane insulation and double-walled poly shell are what make the magic happen for this cooler.

Great size (internal AND external): The Squatchboxx fit perfectly everywhere I needed it, including the back of the Jeep (Wrangler and Cherokee Trailhawk), in the fishing rig (Aire Super Puma 13’;), and on the deck (ok, that’s an easy one). Internally, we were able to fit what we needed for up to 3 days - plenty of beverages (beer, kombucha, milk, juice…you name it), breakfast/lunch/dinner fixin’s for in camp (eggs, meats, veggies, etc.), and plenty of other odds n’ ends.

Clean construction/nice features: No silliness here, just simple lines. My favorite features include: 

  • You can keep it secured and still grab a snack. The Squatchboxx gives you the ability to strap this thing down and still have access to the contents! That’s right, you can use tie-downs to keep it secure in the truck, boat, roof rack, etc., and still have the ability to grab what you need thanks to the rubber locker latches.
  • You can rest your beer or jar of pickles on the lid. The Squatchboxx has a great cup/bottle/can holder feature on the lid so you and three of your buddies can set their item down in a secure location.

Amazing Warranties: Squatchboxx stands by their products with some impressive warranties. If you're not happy, just call them and they'll make it right.

Price: The Roadtripper is a $300+ investment to keep your food and beverages cold. Now, I know what you’re thinking as you roll your eyes (i.e., “You call that a good deal?!”.. Sure, you can go to the nearest Big Box store and pick up a similar sized Igloo or Coleman for a quarter of that price, but if you look at coolers in the same line-up and quality category (I’m talking those companies mentioned above, e.g., Yeti, Orca, Bison), expect to spend a lot more. So, ya, it’s a killer deal.

The Verdict.

Reasonably priced (as in, half the price of their competitors), amazing quality, and great customer service. If you’re in the market for a rugged, keep-it-cold-longer-than-you-ever-expected cooler, Squatchboxx is the answer. We also love their latest addition, the Party Bucket (! And if you're looking for something smaller, shoot for the Lunchboxx (; and larger, Cross Country 21 (

Check them out today at, and if you decide to pick one up, use RYOUTSIDE2018 at checkout for 10% off.

Four reasons the CHAIR ONE will be your New Bestie

Posted on December 19, 2018 at 10:20 AM

There are a lot of camp chair options on the market these days, but the CHAIR ONE Helinox/Rumpl collaboration edition might just be a game-changer. Whether you're fishing, hanging out by the campfire or lounging in the backyard, get ready for a new level of comfort because this award winning Helinox chair is sporting a new look with all the award winning features you'd expect.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new best friend.


This chair is in a category of its own. Weighing in at just over 2lb. and measuring 14” long, the Chair One is just as comfortable strapped to a pack as it is throw in a duffel or the backseat of your vehicle.


Setup is super fast (and easy). Pull the 1-piece aluminum pole frame from the bag, give it a shakey shakey (make sure all the sections are firmly into the holding pieces) and attach the fabric chair piece. BOOM. Done.


These chairs may be super light, packable and stand to just over knee-height (I’m 5’4”;), but they are are also super solid, holding up to 320lbs! So when you need it most, it’ll be there - without worry of it failing (even if your best buddy decides to jump on your lap while you sit around the campfire).


The Helinox/Rumpl collaboration is where it’s at with this version of the Chair One. If you don’t know Rumpl yet, you will. The blue geometric designs looks good under you and we hear there is even a puffy seat cover give you a little extra cush and warmth!

To get yours, visit Helinox:

BFM 2018 Gift Guide

Posted on December 11, 2018 at 2:50 PM

The holidays are fast approaching and the “perfect gift” for your favorite angler can be a click away. We’ve tested a bunch of gear this season and are excited to share a few favorites. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory, pack to carry all your gear, or apparel to keep you warm and cozy through the season, this roundup has a little bit of it all!

On the Water & in Camp





Meals On-the-Go